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Incoming - $20
- $20 handgun
- $30 long gun
Class 3 Transfers - $80


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Chris Murray (owner)
John Youngblood
Scott Roberts
Paul Thorson

Featured Item for This Week

Luger 7.65mm $1,500
Used, in good condition
Collectible 1920 Commercial
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Newfound Bounty

We're having a Silencer Sale here
Modern Elite Firearms!

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FFL Transfers   $20

Our FFL transfer prices are some of the lowest in San Antonio!
For just $20 per firearm, you can have a gun transferred through us from anywhere!
Before you do, though, check if we can get you the same gun and possibly meet, beat, or compete
with the price you're getting elsewhere!

2017-2018 Hunting & Fishing Licenses
are now Available!

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