Build an AR Workshop!
Last Sunday of the Month @ Noon

Due to the overwhelming popularity of the 'Build an AR Workshop', we will now offer a workshop on the last Sunday of every month. The previous workshops were so overbooked that no one was getting personal attention. So, we are now limiting the workshop to 4 people per month.

You must come into the shop in person to register and pick out your parts ahead of time.

Step 1. RSVP
Come by and Sign up. This will help us determine how much tooling, parts, and accessories we will need.

Step 2. Parts
We have a basic package and a premium package. Both will include everything you need to build a nice free floated AR, but you can mix and match.

Step 3. Assemble
We will meet on the last Sunday of each month at Noon at Modern Elite Firearms and assemble our ARs and enjoy some good company.

(Click here for 'Build an AR' parts worksheet and ideas to help you get started on your parts selection.)