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We're directly behind the McDonald's restaurant on the access road of 281 southbound, between Thousand Oaks & Brook Hollow.
About Us

Modern Elite Firearms is a family owned and operated gun shop in the Hill Country Village area. We will always strive to get our customers the best deals and information in regards to weaponry. If there's a gun or accessory you want that we don't have, let us know! Almost anything we don't have in stock currently can be ordered, usually arriving in just two business days. We can help you sign up for a concealed handgun license class with instructor Bobby Williams, a national shooting champion. We also have a variety of other occasional classes, including women only.

Modern Elite Firearms has been under the new ownership of Chris Murray since November of 2013 and we strive to continue our improvement so that we can better serve customers like you!

Meet the family at MEF


Christopher Murray, the store's owner is a San Antonio native who attended North East ISD schools, namely Jackson Middle School and Churchill High School. Following graduation from Churchill in 1980, Chris embarked on an important mission in life by joining the U.S Air Force. He proudly served fours years as an Airframe Repair Specialist. And before buying Modern Elite Firearms in 2013, Chris also worked the same trade at Boeing.

Besides learning about weapons and marksmanship training in the military, Chris had already gotten a head start in guns at a very young age. He shot his first deer at the age of 15 with a .30-30 Winchester lever action.


Scott Roberts is probably the most unassuming, laid-back individual that you are ever likely to see behind the counter of a gun shop. But, don't let that fool you, because behind the firm countenance of this stalwart man lies a true patriot who believes in the rights of America's gun owners. Scott has truly given of himself by serving his country in the United States Marine Corps for over nine years with two voluntary re-enlistments under his belt.

"Scott brings us a lot of military weapons experience that maybe some people who aren't military don't have," said Chris, the Modern Elite Firearms owner. "I was an aircraft mechanic in the Air Force, so I didn't really deal with a lot of guns while I was in."


This affable young man comes by his knowledge of weapons naturally. "When I was around fourteen, I really started getting into guns, and getting my own guns - both rifles and pistols," said John, who attended Churchill High School in San Antonio and attended McCallie Military Academy in Chattanooga, TN, where he graduated in 2013.

"I shoot pistols recreationally, but I am really into rifles because I like to hit stuff that you really think that you can't." John's real zest for life is all about guns. "I like the challenging aspect of shooting," said John, who is a staunch believer in not only the Second Amendment, but also a firm proponent that everyone in America should be able to defend themselves.


Chris has recently added former Navy corpsman Paul Thorson to the mix of gun aficionados behind the counter here at MEF. Paul, who hails from the Alamo City, graduated from MacArthur High School in 2005 where he was a solid competitor in wrestling at the 145-pound classification. And Paul was one of the few area residents who engaged in the frigid sport of ice hockey from the fourth-grade all the way through high school. In 2005 he was awarded the rank of Eagle Scout. He attended Texas Tech University in Lubbock and San Antonio College.

But Paul also has a keen awareness of guns, from competition pistols and rifles to long-range behemoths that can easily take out a game animal or a person at 1,000-yards or farther. And while there are only a relative handful of individuals in the world who shoot effectively at that range, rest assured that Paul is one of them.