CHL Class - 3rd Saturday of every month
Ladies Handgun 101 - as needed
Basic Handgun Class - as needed
Youth Rifle Class - once per year


'Build an AR' Workshop - last Sunday of every month
1911 Tips & Tricks - about twice per year
F.A.S.T. Workshop - about 3 times per year
(Field Action for Situational Trauma)


Annual Pistol Competition - once per year
Annual Rifle Competition - TBA

Let us know if you're interested in any classes that aren't already on the schedule or if you have any ideas for new classes. We can also arrange private lessons.

Feel free to give us a call or send an email if you have suggestions or questions.

(210) 281-5512


Sunday the 14th     MOTHER'S DAY
Saturday the 20th     CHL Class
Sunday the 21st     'Build an AR' Workshop
--- TX Edition ---
Sunday the 28th     F.A.S.T. Class
Monday the 29th     MEMORIAL DAY


Sunday the 11th     Pistol Competition
Saturday the 17th     CHL Class
Sunday the 18th     FATHER'S DAY
Sunday the 25th     'Build an AR' Workshop


Tuesday the 4th     Fourth of July
Saturday the 15th     CHL Class
Sunday the 30th     'Build an AR' Workshop